GR bug: can't change follower after speaking w/ Urshi

On Win11:

After beating the Guardian in a GR, and after speaking to Urshi, but BEFORE speaking to Orek to close the GR, I can’t change followers.

I can change their gear, sell items, fully access the stash, change my gear, and dismiss my follower. But I can’t switch to a new follower, nor hire a new follower after dismissing my current follower.

Everything works as expected after I speak with Orek.

Yeah, total edge case. Have fun!


It’s how the game works, not really a bug,.


This is NOT a bug.

There you go.

The Rift is not considered complete (from the game’s point of view) until you receive the Event Complete popup Window.

In Greater Rifts, once you’ve started it, you CANNOT change ANYTHING. (Except assign Paragon Points) certain things.

For Example:

  1. You can dismiss your Follower, but you cannot Hire them back.
  2. You can drop your Potion and pick it up, but you cannot re-equip it.
  3. Nephalem Rifts do not have these restrictions. (You can do what you want).

Additional Info

  • Nephalem Rifts
    • Timed Rifts begin as soon as you click the Accept button to open the Portal.
    • The timer doesn't expire until you see the Event Complete popup Window.
  • Greater Rifts
    • Achievements ARE awarded as soon as you kill the Rift Guardian.
    • The GRift is NOT considered "officially" closed until you see the Event Complete popup Window.

Hello all:

Let me play Devil’s advocate (seems suitable since this is Diablo III :upside_down_face: )…

Not quite… one CANNOT change skills and equipment on the hero and its folllower… and your stash is off-limit and you can’t change the follower, but you can get Haedrig to craft equipment and you can get Shen to combine gems…

As soon as you killed the Greater Rift Guardian (no need to talk to Urshi), however, some of these restrictions are removed. For example, you can change your skill and your equipment, and you can change the skills and the equipment on the follower… and you can even dismiss the follower. HOWEVER, you can’t change follower and, if you’ve dismissed your follower, cannot re-hire him/her. Why not ? I don’t know… something that Blizzard overlooked eons ago when they created Greater Rifts ? or when they modified how Greater Rifts work to prevent a hero from entering Greater Rifts with active powers ??

As Jackal stated… all the restrictions are removed once you speak with Orek (and close/end the Greater Rift) and you can hire a new follower if that’s what you want to do.

Cheers !


This is actually helpful when someone is carrying you on GR’s. Usually, you sit at the door while the host runs the GR. Once they go to the next floor, you get no benefits, so this gives you time for inventory maintenance.

While the host is finishing the GR, I go to town once they hit the second level, salvage my trash legendaries from the last run, spend my shards, and since you are in town, hit the host’s banner when they kill the RG.

Being courteous like this, speeds up the GR process and doesn’t annoy your host.


Thank you – I didn’t know that… I only play Solo so I have not been carried, nor have I carried anyone else.

Cheers !

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