Good source for the Wizard's Story?

Are their other things to read about this class? Other then in D3 I mean. Sorry never got into the story in D3. D1-2, yes. So little overwhelmed even though I enjoy the game itself, the lore on my part could use some work! HaHa. Thanks!

Unfortunately, there’s no more stories that allow players dig deeper about the class itself.

Currently, there are only two notable wizards that are “kinda” significant to the story of D3, namely Li Ming, who’s basically just the female wizard players’ playing now, and Shanar, a supporting character in the comic Sword of Justice and novel Storm of Light.

Li Ming’s story is depicted in the short story Firefly, which you can read on the official site; Shanar, as mentioned, is a supporting character and so no really remarkable things can be discussed on her character as a wizard.

Generally speaking, wizards refer to spellcasters obsessed with pursuant of power and knowledge; typically they have wild and highly confident/arrogant personalities, which can be seen when you play as a wizard throughout the game.