Going into the random portals

Hey blizzard what i found annoying and i really did like the set up for the PTR but whenever i went into the portal and did the multi “cellars” i didnt like the fact that when i was finished everything in there when i was going back to the bounty i ‘side quested’ from i would have to start back at the beginning would be nice thAT when finished that a portal would be active to get back to where you were in the bounty or back to where you portaled into. would be nice to just get back to where you were rather than the beginning at a waypoint

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Same thing happens for Rainbow ponies and Greed. Good luck.

Greed’s Realm, yes.

However, Whimsydale has a Rainbow Portal at the end that takes you back to where you killed the Rainbow Goblin.

It would  be nice if there was a Portal that appeared when you open the Chest on the last Visions Fissure Level that would take you back, where you left off in your Bounty. The Portal would disappear when the Visions expired after 30 seconds.