GOD build for DH

Good day everyone.
Before I start I have to say I am new to Diablo 3.

I have couples of problem here or I am doing something wrong with the build.

Most build I see in GOD, people use the set and most use Focus, and Restrain for ring.
The rings are good ,but in my case for some reasons when I use the rings mu damage goes from 800,000 down to 450,000.
What am I doing wrong here?

Second concern, is in the cube how do I put the 3 pieces gear I need to help my DH.
Am I forgetting something or am I doing something wrong again?

Thank you for your advise.

We need more details of this damage drop you are reporting. Is it a damage drop while being idle in town or out of combat with all of your buffs removed? If so, then the F + R rings must have significantly worse itemization than your previous rings. It is a very high priority for both DH rings to have crit damage and crit chance rolls.

The cube powers are obtained by putting the required legendary item in the cube (e.g. dawn legendary hand crossbow for vengeance cooldown reduction) and using the first cube recipe “extract legendary power”. This recipe requires 1 of each act bounty material (e.g. khanduran rune) and a few other general crafting mats. The bounty materials are obtained from bounty bags whose rewards scale with difficulty. If you are playing the season altar theme and have the node unlocked for double bounty rewards, then each bounty act completion drops 2 bags.

The legendary items you feed into the “extract legendary power” recipe CAN be a version obtained from leveling, so don’t throw away your leveling (pre-70) legendaries if you think they have useful powers for you.

Once you have the extraction done just click on the appropriate cube slot and choose the power you want. One final note is that legendary powers that are variable, such as the cooldown reduction on the dawn legendary hand crossbow, always roll the best percentage when used as a cube power.

thank you for your answer, I know that F+R ring do not have chc or chd on them.
I re-roll them few time but still can not get it, so I stop re-roll them.