Gibbering Gemstone - S28 250+ Chiltara kills no drop

I have killed Chiltara over 250 times on my S28 Character and have not had one single drop of Gibbering Gemstone. I am unable to complete the Alter of Rites because of this.

Is something bugged on my account or character?
Friends of mine have received this drop.

What can I do? Can someone help me?

I know how to farm it, I know it drops in the Caverns of Frost from Chiltara and has about a 5% drop chance. I have farmed and received this item many times in the past seasons.

Update: at 304 kills it finally dropped 1. Blizzard: Please boost this drop rate its very very low and wastes your servers resources with people ending/starting new games constantly.


Bad luck is not a bug.


i am runs 700+ …no drops (((((((


The exact same situation for me.
It’s not just bad luck. I’m used to having terrible RNG grinds, as a lover of Diablo II.

This is certainly bugged, or the drop chance is not even close to the alleged 5%.

I am at nearly 200 Chiltara kills.
Season 28 Hardcore Seasonal
I know difficulty has no impact on the drop of the Gemstone, but I have tried 1/2 my runs on Torment 7, and the other half on Torment 16.
I am nearly 7 hours in on this grind.

Doing some simple math:
At a 5% drop chance…
I have OVER a 99.99% chance to have acquired this gem by now.
I should have been almost guaranteed to have TWO OR MORE of these gems by now.

Something is certainly wrong here.
If I had to guess, there is a problem with the seed generation. This seed is likely tied to character ID in some way.


Meanwhile, here I am just casually farming my 2nd herding staff mats to farm at whimsyshire and look for Spectrum sword. My first grind yesterday, finished all mats within 3hrs and today farmed again all mats within an hour.

I do think that it will really help you if you join a farming community. I joined one, just search for Staff of Herding in community tab. People around there are so helpful, they’ll always share if they find the exact mat in chat and also the hardest one gibbering gemstone. Everybody chats “CoF” and just request invite.

Btw, found spectrum sword in just 2 runs at whimsyshire. XD

A friend and I farmed the gemstone together, and I got 5 gemstone drops before she got her first one. Probably 6 hrs total of speed hunting in separate games, so she got about 2x as many kills as me since I would invite her to my games for the kills.

Bug, or bad luck? You know the answer.

When it finally drops for you, will you come back here to say you were wrong about your account being bugged, or do you think it will have magically have fixed itself on its own?

You can say it is impossible, considering the droprate, but nevertheless, it still happened. Do you think some accounts have the “unlucky” flag on them?

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It is mathematically impossible to be simple bad luck.
Please understand that a previous dev has confirmed it should be a 5% drop rate.

I will repeat:

At a 5% drop chance…
I have OVER a 99.99% chance to have acquired this gem by now.
I should have been almost guaranteed to have TWO OR MORE of these gems by now.

By NOT getting a drop in the first 200 kills, at a 5% drop rate - I would have been equally as unlucky as to get struck by lightning. Twice. 99.99151% unlucky.

That’s not unlucky. That’s a bug.
I just want to report the bug so that it can be addressed.

I’m not trying to belittle you, or anyone.
Using anecdotal evidence to prop up your opinion carries no weight in the face of mathematics.
I’m simply using math to prove that this is not a margin of error, or bad luck.
I’m a game developer myself, and I feel very confidently that this is a bug which is tied to Seed generation. This is a complex system. This does not mean “An entire account is bugged”, but rather, a fascet of generation for a particular item, or pool of items.

Thanks for understanding.


Please understand that it is mathematically impossible to be simple bad luck.

You are using anecdotal evidence to prop up your opinion, and in the face of math, anecdotal evidence just does not cut it.

I mean you no disrespect, and I do not wish to belittle anyone. I am simply reporting a bug so that this game can continue to improve.
I am a game developer myself, and I have a good understand of seed generation.

I will repeat:

At a 5% drop chance…
I have OVER a 99.99% chance to have acquired this gem by now.
I should have been almost guaranteed to have TWO OR MORE of these gems by now.

This is math which shows that I was 99.99% “unlucky”.
Actually, it is 99.99987%.
I hope you understand the significance of this. This is not margin of error. This is as unlucky as getting struck by lightning. Twice. It’s simply not about luck.
It’s a bug.

This does not mean that my entire account is bugged, or that my drop is forever bugged.
This simply means that the smartloot operations have a hiccup somewhere. Smartloot is a constantly updating system/algorithm. Each update tick consumes what data is input (time played, recent drops, etc etc) and outputs new variables to be used for player drop tables.

I am simply asserting that this seems like a bug related to seed generation. Seed generation which is linked to the PID (player ID number). Once again, I am simply reporting this as a back, due to pure math. There is a problem in the sequencing somewhere.

Thanks for your understanding.


How do you explain the story of me and my friend? If it DID happen, then how is it impossible?

When you finally get it, was that impossible?

Who says the droprate is 5%? Certainly not the developers.

  1. I don’t have to explain your anecdotal evidence, especially since I’ve given the math/reality of the situation.
  2. I didn’t say it was impossible. I said it’s impossible for it to be bad luck.
  3. A developer did. 2 1/2 years ago. Use Google, it’s free.

Have a great night.


Sure, there must be a GM rigging the RNG against you.

I literally explain how it is an easy bug to have occur in a PID-Seed system.
It’s not just me.
It could be anyone with PID of XXXYYYZZZ.

You people are insufferable lol.
I’m muting this bug report.


It is not bad luck. This is a legitimate bug.
Blizzard made a VERY bad decision to gate alter progress behind a craftable item composed of low drop items. Doing so guarantees that Blizzard will frustrate, AND anger, its customers.
However, what is even worse, is that there ARE clearly some bugs with the drop rate of these items.
I crafted WELL over 100 hellfire amulets, without getting a single ancient one. I gave up and stopped playing at at least 125 attempts. For what is supposed to be a 10% ancient chance, the odds of that happening are .9 to the power of 125, or 0.00000190683.
Even if you argue that there are 10 million Diablo 3 players, and such a terrible streak would statistically have to happen to someone, you overlook the fact that Blizzard could have, and SHOULD have, implemented a mercy rule.
It would have been a simple thing for Blizzard to implement a safeguard on low probability drops, ESPECIALLY drop REQUIRED to advance, for example, if the item had not dropped in 50 attempts, the item is guaranteed to drop on the 51st attempt.
Failure to implement such a mercy rule almost guaranteed angry players, and demonstrates extremely poor judgment on Blizzard’s part.
Such a mercy rule would go along way to protect blizzard’s customers, and enhance goodwill in the playerbase. This is supposed to be a game, its is supposed to be fun. Grinding for 10+ hours for a low drop item that Blizzard has made a REQUIREMENT to advance is not fun.
Failing to implement a mercy rule safety system is irresponsible of Blizzard, and is going to get somebody seriously injured, and Blizzard a lawsuit.


It is your evidence as well. Once the gem inevitably drops for you.

Your case is exactly the same as mine.

You sure about that?

If the odds are 1/10, then you had a 50/50 chance to get one when you crafted the first 10. Same as flipping a coin.

Then you did that 9 more times. So that is like flipping 10 tails in a row. Not that uncommon, or is my math off?

Ever gotten 100 yellows from Kadala in a row?

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You are missunderstanding impossible vs very low probability.
Even 99.99999999999999% is still possible. Bad luck.
I got stuck at ancient puzzle ring, at least 2k5 forgotten souls into recraft, 4x this in death breath upgrade and countless blood shards…
Only recraft I have 0.5% chance of missing that much, that’s unlucky but still possible and it hapenned.
even if you have very very low chance of happening, every try of craft (for amulet) or recraft is 10%, every try of chintara is 5%, regardless of what happened before.
There we come where I 100% agree with you, there should be some anti-badluck mechanics, like one ancient puzzle ring or 25 normal puzzle rings or so, but you can’t call it a bug. that’s a bad designed feature but working as intended.
(farming chintara atm -_- )


If the odds are 1/10, then you had a 50/50 chance to get one when you crafted the first 10.



Indirectly, yes, via seeds. This is easiest to test on a console, where you can gamble, reset before it saves, gamble again, and get the same results.

If it was luck-based instead of seed-based, that wouldn’t happen. Since it is seed-based, different accounts can have worse seeds, or as you put it, they have the “unlucky” flag on them.


Dropping a comment just to follow, I’ve struggled with every item except the shinbone, which I got during my first bounty run. Im on about 30-40 kills, a lot lower than others, but even after 20 attempts I was getting suspisious…

Curious what build you’re using. I’ve killed Chiltara probably 50-80 times now (haven’t really been counting) with no gemstone. I’ve been using typhon-hydra.

I ran the campaign on t16 recently for giggles with my hydra build. I got stuck at the heart immediately after Cydaea. The hydras wouldn’t damage the heart. I had to switch to tal-meteor to get past it.

I’m wondering if there’s some kind of bug where the gemstone won’t drop for pets. I’m gonna switch to tal-meteor and see what happens.

Update: Finally got it! It dropped after about 10 runs with the tal-meteor build on t16 Campaign mode (Chiltara spawns most of the time on Campaign when CoF is there.). I really think there might be something to the pets-killing-Chiltara theory.


Well I’m on almost 10 hours of farming drop and still nothing, this really feels bad, especially when we see that someone drops it after just 2 hours. After that it’s just psychologically exhausting.

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