Gibbering gemstone on console

I have been farming, Chiltara for over a week now every day for at least four or five hours a day and she has still not dropped the gemstone. I’m trying to find out how to contact the developers to ask them why is this so hard to get everybody else other says they got it pretty quickly but like I said, I’ve been farming it for over a week and still do not have it


It is possible that you’re too fast. How long do you usually wait near Chiltara’s body ? Or do you run all the way to end without stopping and decide no gemstone?

I notice it is a higher drop rate when she spawns at the end of the map.

Took me about 5 tries to get it.

I have been farming Chittara since day 3 of the new season, no Gemstone, I quit last night and now just lurking the forums for any issues before the beta starts (this is more fun). I played the season on the Switch and PS5. I am officially done with D3.

Something needs to be done here!!! I’ve killed chirtara-chatira-chichachirachi-whatever about 300 times now, no gemstone… This is getting stupid!

Took me 3 hours of restarting to get the gibbering gem stone last night. Now I can’t get the staff of herding plans to drop off Izual.
If I sold or did not use the plans I’d they dropped earlier in the game. Will he redrop.
After playing the game for 7 years and doing the staff quest year one I was never going to do this quest again so why would I need the staff of herding l? Thanks Blizzard.

Keep going it will drop. Plan was awful for me thought game was bugged

I’m still farming this one as well… got the rest… my biggest issue is the two hours I just spent linking and updating all of my information and still won’t show my wizard on here :frowning: I want to be able to see and share my character and it’s become a giant migraine

sharing characters is a PC only feature.

as a joke I tried getting the gibbering gemstone again and it dropped on the 1st try. It is just RNG guys.

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Like Hebarb said, it’s just RNG. I’ve usually not had too many issues with getting the gibbering gemstone, but this season, it was not nice to me. It happens.