Gibbering Gemstone droprate non-existent

with 2 characters that’s been killing Chiltara in Caverns of frost for an extended time, with around 120+ kills on Chiltara, I still am not recieving the Gibbering Gemstone - that used to be a bit of a hassle to get, but never something this ridiculous.

would like to not spend the entire season not getting my last altar upgrades, so is this something that’s being adressed or something that is “working as intended” and players just have to playing due to horrible rng. ?

Welcome to the club and as our 10000th member you earn more Chiltara runs! Congratulations!

RNG is RNG. It is not a bug. When you hit 1000 attempts, nothing will have changed.

A buddy and I spent several hours today looking for the GG, he ran into a goblin that spawned a Greed portal, which he entered accidentally. I stood still and waited for him to tp back, he popped up on my screen, I took about 5 steps and ran into Chiltara and it dropped the GG for me, but not for him.

Same here for our Team. 2 Drops, in different runs for 1 member, none for the other one. Really? Isnt it so that there will be a drop for the full Team, thats in area?

It has never been a global drop.

Join the club. Still grinding and restarting.

Wouldn’t be so bad if we could actually play the game, instead of eternally restarting. I rather grind for a lot more hours, then this disjointed restarting.

Season 28 the restarting new game season.
Season 29 “Nightmares of Chiltara” we noticed the community loved restarting so much we added restart leaderboards.
Community event buff: now double amount of Ice Caves drop.

Update: we slightly reduced clear frost cave or kill chiltara occurring during bounties. As unintentionally we noticed people spend too much time ingame when these bounties occurred instead of restarting in the menu’s.

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I don’t think anyone is listening. Still no gemstone for me on two systems. People will just say “RNG” and it’s the answer to everything or play with others.

I spent about 8 hours of game time trying to get the gem. Then I took my pet off . It droped in about 6 trys.

That is just a coincidence. I guarantee that for 99.99% of other players, they had their pet with them, and they got it just fine.


I ALWAYS have my Cosmetic Pet equipped and I’ve gotten it 3 times this Season 28. Americas, Europe and Asia.