Gibbering Gemstone Drop


Just posting some feedback

I would not be upset at the droprate if it was not required for the Altar which is the gimmick of the season (Hopium that it stays permanently). Like yeah we don’t NEED to complete it but give us an achieveable goal with a clear finish, we’ll always push for it.

The problem is I’ve been farming this thing for at least 10 hours now.

In that time I’ve had 4 Rainbow portals, 2 primal legendaries, and grinded enough crafting mats that I’ll literally never run out for the rest of the season unless I play degenerately.

But I would have rathered getting those through varied activities. I do not like being stuck in chiltara hell to complete what is meant to be an achievable objective.

Grats to those who got it on their first kills or under 10 minutes or whatever. I guess I’m the one balancing out your RNG.

Please devs, for the love of hell, fix this nonsense.


Geez. The season isn’t even a week old. You have plenty of time to find it.

This is a really bad argument.

If the drop could come from other sources at the same rate I wouldn’t have a problem. Except this requires focused farming of mundane content or god luck while doing bounties (2 bounties send you here).

If you’re content with that, good for you. I am not, and many others are not.


I came to play the last season before D4. There’s no reason to make this thing rare, for something we are going to destroy within a minute of getting it. It’s just mind meltingly boring. Just completely unfun, the whole point of playing the damn game is to enjoy it. I don’t want to hear you don’t have to do it, because we all want to fill out the tree. Opening and closing the game over and over for chance to have the cave, for a chance to have the mob, for then a chance to have the stone is so damn monotonous I’d rather eat chalk and pick my nose at least I know I’ll find what I’m looking for in there. Watching people talk about going on days… why would you want to turn people off wanting to do new content. It’s tedious for tedious sake, that’s not fun or engaging gameplay. It’s the reeking remnants of Jay Wilson’s philosophy.

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