Getting Years of War/Dynasty on the DH without a second character Guide

It’s been mentioned in General Discussion (well I was the one to mention it), but you can complete those conquests with one character on the DH.

As would be expected, you have to complete a GR 55 with all five DH sets. Easily doable with four of them simply using a Hungering Arrow Build.

UE, Marauder’s, GoD, and Natayla (N6/GoD4 hybrid) and then just make a standard S6 build or a Bolas build will work too.

For the sixth set, gamble mojo’s. Every Zunimassa’s mojo you get you can use the cube to convert it to another set piece. Once you have the 5 pieces that aren’t the mojo or headdress (ie: Ring, Chest, Pants, Boots, and Gloves) use the RoRG to complete the set. (edit: you can mix it with GoD by wearing the helm and shoulders)

I went pretty defense heavy with Wraps of Clarity worn, Elusive Ring cubed or worn (RoRG being the substitute in either case) along with Vengeance Dark Heart. With Ninth Cirri either worn or cubed your damage should be plenty since you’re going to be wearing Hunter’s Wrath most likely and have Depth Diggers cubed.

The only truly essential gem is Simplicity’s Strength. In Hardcore, I used a 110 ranked one and in softcore it was much much lower. (Sorry can’t remember exactly but I believe it was less than 55. The other gems can be anything really. I mean really. In hardcore I used Esoteric and Mutilation Guard while in Softcore BotT and BotP were used.

Then just make a Hungering Arrow Generator build in any manner you want to. I just used the same skill set up that most use with GoD with the exception of removing Strafe for a skill like Shadow Power, Preparation/Focused Mind or something along those lines.

The Grift will be relatively easy running anywhere between 5 and 7 min give or take. The fight with the Guardian won’t be a one shot but will be finished somewhere in the ballpark of 30 sec.

This works on both softcore and hardcore. However, you can’t use the same trick with Tal Rasha’s and orbs.

But I have confirmed it on the DH.

Just letting folks know. I hope this helps folks this season and in future seasons that include Years of War/Dynasty as Conquests.

I have no idea if this is known to most of the community but thought I’d put together this little guide in case it wasn’t.

Edit # 2:

As far as what stats for your equipment:

Pants: either roll Int to Dex or another stat to Hungering Arrow Dam. (I recommend Hungering Arrow.
Gloves: Int to Dex. You could keep Int and roll another stat to Crit Dam if you want to.
Boots: Int to Dex.
Chest: Int to Dex.

Note: None of these stats are absolutely necessary. You can if you want to leave them as you find them and be able to finish the Grift in time. The stats will just make it faster. But if you don’t have a lot of materials, I’d say leave them as you find them.


I tried to do this conquest on my necro with Crusader’s Invoker set (I actually got 5 pieces from drops before I rebirthed my crusader) and it didn’t work. I wonder if this trick only works with certain sets.

Yeah, it only works with certain sets. Additionally, I’m not sure if it works on Crusaders and Necros. I do know that using Tal Rasha’s won’t work on either DH or Necro which sort of confirms that it’s only some sets that work and that Zuni’s is one that at least works on DH, so there’s that.

But then Invoker’s being a Crusader set, though it used to be a universal set, wasn’t an original set for the five original classes who could where each others sets, Natalya’s, Tal Rasha’s, Immortal King’s, Inna’s, and Zuni’s. I know Zuni’s works and Tal Rasha’s doesn’t but I don’t know about IK or Inna’s. I’m in the process of collecting IK through upgrading Two Handed Mighty Weapons and converting the IK Hammers when I get them and seeing if it registers on list when completed, though. Then I might do the same with Diabo’s for Inna’s for that one as well.

This method really seems to be much harder than just levelling up another character. Unless you have no more character slots, it is faster to just get an alt character. If you are trying to complete Guardian, you need to augment an item, so what I do is level up a GoE to 50, and use that in an ancient weapon. Since you also need to craft a hellfire, you can craft an amulet and ring and use those on a level 1 character. An option would be to also level the LoD gem to 25+ but this isn’t absolutely necessary.

Combined with your paragon points and high-level gems, it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes or so to level up an alt, especially if you level a monk.

Then you can gamble shards and use the cube to convert set items. Gambling for something like chest or pants means you have 5 potential sets to obtain instead of one. Theoretically it would require fewer shards and other mats to get at least 5 pieces of a set.

The whole idea about this method is to do it without a second character. Either because you don’t have character slots or don’t like the leveling process no matter how fast or slow it might be.

As far as collecting the piece’s on either a second character or with one character, I’ve found the speed to be about the same. Even with 1500 max shards it only takes about 4 GRifts to fill up running as low as GR 55, faster with higher GR tiers. If you only fill till 750 round abouts, 2 GR will get it and you’ll fill up your pack with mojo’s in one go. You can speed it up by upgrading some yellow mojo’s you get from Kadala, but around 10 GR (give or take a few) you’ll have the five mojos necessary for this method whether upgrading or not.

It’s really a personal preference though.

As far as doing it with Immortal King’s or Inna’s, it doesn’t seem to work with those two sets through upgrading Two Handed Mighty Weapons or Diabos respectively. At least they didn’t register as I just tested them.

I would imagine it would still be faster getting 5 set pieces by gambling, say, pants.

There are 11 legendary and set mojos, and only one that you want. On the other hand, there are 3 legendary and 5 set pants you can get for a monk, so you have a greater than 50% chance of getting a set pants. Even if you are aiming for one particular set, you still have better odds.

Yeah, there’s that, but you also have the possibility of getting (let’s say pants) that are just legendaries and aren’t part of any set making getting set items harder. Using class specific set items means there’s a smaller pool of items that won’t be set items. Also, the item pools between mojos and pants (as the given example) is about the same.

All that said, it’s really just a personal preference. I personally could do either since I have dedicated Witch Doctors that I can re-birth in Hardcore or Softcore just for crafting level 70 rare bows with an increased chance of rolling item level decrease on them. But I can keep those at level one without having to level them in season.

Also, in the same amount of time it takes to level a gem of ease, you’ll have or almost have all the zuni’s mojo’s you’ll need using this method.

But that’s neither here nor there. It’s still just a personal preference.

I did not know you could use another set on a character and do this.


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I haven’t tested all the sets other classes can wear as far as the DH. I’ve only tested Zuni’s, IK, Inna’s, and Tal Rasha’s and of those four only Zuni’s registered and got me the conquest.

In future seasons, I might check other sets but doing those will require making a second character or a few characters just on the DH. As for right now, I know for certain that Zuni’s works on the DH and you don’t need a second character to obtain that set easily, so there’s that.

this trick also works with a necro, pretty sure with other classes as well, but not sure bc i never did it :wink:

I really like this trick. I will definitely try it the next season with this conquest. I finished the current season both in EU and US before I saw your posting in general forums, so I can’t do it now.

Thank you for bringing this up!

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You could still do it on Asia!

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Nah, that doesn’t work for me. My latency to Asia servers is too high - playing there is absolutely not fun. :wink:

Well, the good news is, despite the change to NCS this trick is still useable with a Hungering Arrow build.

But I’m not sure if folks will be using NCS next season or going with Emminie’s and Leonine.

Don’t know whether this counts as “necro” or not, but this method still works. I actually had quite some fun doing all 6 sets with HA in S24 - including S6. I like big bows, so no set description is gonna tell me to use some knife or something. :bow_and_arrow: :grin:

I always used the GoD-HA-Build, just replacing the six set pieces (and the rings for Z6-God2). Only slightly modified for S6 (using Shadow Power instead of Smoke Screen) and M6 (using Sentries instead of FoK). Of course, the ethereal Buriza helped a lot, but it was no issue at all completing it with HA alone.

I even got ranked on the leaderboards for this conquest, without trying. I actually noticed it not before a day later, when I read that a clanmate still got ranked as well. Probably the other ones seemed to be easier for most players (well, they are, tbh).

So: Thank you again for this trick, I really enjoyed it this time!


It’s basically always the last conquest to go down. Unless it’s a season that has both Years of War / Dynasty and Masters of the Universe / Masters of Sets, in which case Years of War / Dynasty will be second last and the set dungeon one will be the last conquest to go down.

If you go for it early, you can usually get a pretty good rank. Because most people won’t have bothered to make a second class at that point in the season, they will still be focusing on their main.

I’d argue this is actually one of the easiest conquests. It just requires a bit more of a time commitment. GR55 is a joke for literally every set in the game. The only hurdle for this conquest is actually taking the time to farm all the gear you need.

I think they really need to update the GR requirements for some of the conquests. They are just too easy now with power creep.

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Yeah, I got ranked this morning too. Low on the scale. 900 or some such.

Amazingly it only took 4 GR worth of shards and some mats for upgrading rare mojos and converting with the cube. About 20 min and had the Zunimassa put together.

I also ran Shadow like you suggested with HA. Played principally the same.

Completed the Journey about 30 min ago. Would have done it sooner but needed to run bounties for the cube so many items Journey requirements.