Game working in windows 7 for anyone?

I have all the reccomended reqs except windows 10.

Game is insta closing when I hit play, then getting an error.

All other blizzard games work fine.


I’m getting the same error, using windows 7.
And i’m not willing to upgrade the OS and setup all my apps again anytime soon, so…


same here, all my games work in W7, can’t understand why it’s mandatory for 20 year game remaster


Same here. I’m really disappointed. If blizzard wont make it work, i hope that some fans will make it playable on w7.


it said specifically windows 10

i was scared i wouldnt play so i upgraded for free to win10.

anyone can do it. its stupid simple. gl

Update: I’ve installed win 10 in another hdd and it works now.

Windows 7 is completely pwned and open to the internet. You should revert back to Vista because it is more secure now. Less people looking for that for their botnets.

I upgraded my Win7 to Win10 for D2R beta test, but Win10 behaves so bad for games.
My laptop overheated and sometimes made severe FPS drops when I was playing D2R and also D3, and this made the games look like PowerPoint slides, which I never suffered from Win7, and I cannot solve this problem. So finally I went back to Win7. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hope Blizzard will add Win7 supports for D2R later, just like WoW supports DirectX 12 on Win7.
Otherwise I will try dual-boot Win7 + Win10 systems on my PC.


Win 7 came out in 2009. You’re extremely lucky that anything new is working on it.

I swear. People trying to use onboard graphics, business computer gfx cards, gx cards that are over a decade old, decade old operating systems . . .

People, there comes a point where you have to upgrade your crap. It sucks and it’s expensive, but come on. The new graphics are advertised as being able to go to 4k 60fps, and you’re trying to run it off a computer that is the camera equivalent of those potatoes used to film ghost hunting shows.

You realize that that OS that was released in 2009 has less bugs and issues running games than your “golden standard” Windows 10 right? 10 was good for tablets and touch screen function don’t get me wrong, but it’s complete crap for gaming dude. You may as well play on vista with wireless again, and try to see how that nightmare ends.


It comes down to which you like more. Saying things “its newer” doesn’t mean a thing. It is newer but if you have a shred of knowledge you are aware how much garbage is in w10. Hell, it behaves worse than a w7 affected by viruses and malware…

They are pushing w10 and its updates way too hard to the point that I’m not even allowed to Try running a program on w7. Nothing like this happened before even with OSs that were much more different than W7 to W10.

You will need to switch eventually, they are making sure of that - up to you when. If I buy D2R I will have to switch to play it probably so will probably install W10 then. But until I have a reason to, why should I? Because it’s newer? If the new fad will be cutting off your index finger will you do it because it’s contemporary? Not enough reason for me, thanks.


It also doesn’t wok for me. Support says Win7 is not supported and no plans to add support for it.
They disregard 20% of their audience (Win7 + Win8 = 20%).
And this is for the game remaster that is 20 years old.
I hope they manage to add Win 7 support.


Just now finding out there will be no Win 7 support. Glad I didnt pre-order. This is a deal breaker for me Blizz. I was on the fence anyway and now its a complete no go.