Game will not load hero list

I played the game restacked my gear into stash after season 28 closed. exited game then tried to relog and cannot load hero list. Error code 395002

Have you tried the troubleshooting suggested here:

If you have, or if the troubleshooting does not solve the issue, you should contact Blizzard Support with a ticket; you can use this link to start the process:

Tried to do a ticket and cannot because I have no experience on how to do the files they ask for and without them cannot send in the ticket, I have no other way to contact Blizzard support and after 18 years in the game they have gone from easy to almost impossible to get anything fixed.

That would probably be the msinfo.txt file and the dxdiag.txt file. Instructions on how to create them are here:

I ran into this initial problem. Thankfully, the scan/repair fixed it.

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