Game stops responding, UI non responsive

…but you can move your character around. I have to alt=f4 or task manager-kill my way out of it and I can’t seem to replicate it enough times with the same actions. Seems random. It’s like a massive lag spike or something but since the UI isn’t active the latency meter still shows green. So I don’t know exactly what’s causing it and feel free to delete this post if it’s a known problem. Going through several levels of vision portals only for this to happen is a bummer and I’m sure this needs to be fixed before the start of the season.

Logged back in after posting to see that none of the loot that I collected while in the portals stayed with me. I mean damn I know its the ptr but what a time loss.

Happened again, managed to grab my phone and get something I could show, this is irritating as hell.

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Same thing keeps happening with me really makes playing PTR unbearable. Sad, and trying to get a Dev response or submitting a bug ticket is worthless. They rarely get back to you or address the issue. Blizz customer support went in the toilet. Miss the good ole days of Blizz North when they actually gave a crap about the games and community now they are just another money hungry company!