Game not loading with new monitor


Hello support,

I’ve just purchased a new Samsung monitor(LC34J791WTNXZA) for my pc. It’s now having trouble loading the game. Monitor is struggling as soon as I launched the game. Is there any settings that I should be aware of?

PS. loading Sims4 was very smooth.



That is a 21:9 aspect ratio monitor. My guess is your old resolution saved in d3prefs.txt is incompatible with it. Try editing the values there then re-launch the game.



It maybe easier and faster to reset the game’s settings. Goto the Diablo III tab within the Blizzard application -> Select: Options -> Game Settings -> Reset Game Settings. -> Retest!

Thank you.

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I can’t find the support for the bigger 21:9 monitors
I hope that Bizz will get with the times