Game kept on crashing with patch 2.6.10

Just curious. Did you move the D3 installation to a different folder on the same drive? Or did you move it to a folder on a different drive?

on this machine i only have a c drive (nvme pcie 3.0).
folder is now “c:/blizz/diablo 3” on old machine i think i had it on another drive aswell and also problems, why i either used c:/diablo3 or e:/diablo3. both worked, was only a space issue.
what’s noticable tho, when i launched the launcher app in ADMIN MODE then it was actually able to launch d3 from the programs folder yesterday with no problem. i only changed it back today after the series of new crashes during gameplay, just to exclude the chance that it has sth todo with it. the folder problem however did always cause immediate crash without seeing anything from the game right away (when it did)

first i game did not even start, immediate crash when in pfx86. with admin priv, it launched. as i sais, i has previously issues with that, so on antother machine i simply did not use any pf folder at all.
but u are right, those crashes happened while still using the pfx86 folder, with admin launcher. guess can try moving it back to look if it crashes again.
this issue is already pretty old, so why is it still there?
also, why are the 64bit binaries in the same folder tree as the x86 and get consequently installed in x86 by default???
test for users with crashes: move folder or try 32bit version (toggle in option in the launcher)

If non-program folder works, stay there.
The program folder(s) belongs to system and may need higher privilege (e.g. admin role) to write files.
Another folder one should avoid is the root folder C:\

I tried a temporary workaround by running D3 in windowed mode and it didn’t crash.

My game is installed on separate physical drives.

guess u r right, i will keep it like this. it still feels like diabolic magic. since the folder is specifically designed to be the one folder in the OS for programs to be installed and especially the launcher targets this as default (so devs mean to use it?!

i did the same in an desperate attempt to find a workaround, along other things, so maybe this could help. at least atm i dont have the bug anymore.

All along my game have been installed on separate drives. Definitely there’s some bug in this patch since console players also reporting getting crashes so can ruled out the following:

-Drivers issues
-Separate folders
-Antivirus software conflict

Workarounds that worked:
-Running in Windowed Mode

Try posting the Console info in the Console section of your forums? Just saying…

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Girlfriend was crashing at crystal arch, had her go kill diablo in adventure mode, then went back to campaign with no crashes.

Patch has been released to all consoled which should fix the crash issues. We are working on the Nintendo Switch patch now and expect this to be patched the week of 11/23. Thanks everyone!


Can you please confirm the status of Season 22 for Switch? I know what you have said was regarding the patch, but was not explicitly cited that such affects the start of season 22 on Switch.

This latest patch fixed it. No crash in Act V.

I am so tired of blizzard and diablo 3 atm, season 21 freezelag issue all the way tryin to fix it. Finally, done. Start season 22, oh yeah lets remember to screw people up in diablo again so we can say its their computers or drivers that are wrong again. Maybe answer everyone with send dxdiag and we see.
Maybe blizzard its time for you to actully do something for once in a while and not just say that its our things. Well it isnt when 5-10-15 % of the player have it, then its on you! We are the reason you get paid, so start acting after your costumers instead of eating pizza all day.


The same I still have the game which crashes randomly in bounties / gr / rifts since 2.6.10.

What about servers with a latency of +1000 ms in each pack is unplayable.

The servers are located on the moon or whatever.
It’s a shame that every season players have to endure these recurring problems.

Once again…
Code : 57DA1640-7E76-4880-9073-329797AB224C
Quest : Kill Phazula Act IV
Tourment 4

me too one more here 3411EC46-DE4B-48A9-AC9E-A84CA8577333 in gr this afternoon

Here are two back to back.


I’m also having issues. My game keeps freezing .Sometimes, there be no voice and or ambient volume. Also, when loading a new area I would be stuck on the loading screen for 5 minutes. I have tried just about everything to fix but no success. Please Fix !!

Mi gra losowo się zawiesza obraz staje na jakieś 7 sekund po czym gra rusza dalej.

  1. AMD AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
  2. SilentiumPC Fera 3 120mm
  4. Corsair 16GB (1x16GB) 3000MHz CL16 Vengeance LPX Black
  5. SilentiumPC Signum SG1 TG
  6. be quiet! System Power 9 700W 80 Plus Bronze
  7. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER WINDFORCE OC 2X 4GB
  8. Dysk SSD
    9.System win 10 64bit