Game is to easy

First play through on expert difficulty. My first character. 0 deaths. Face tanked the first 4 act bosses. Had to move around a bit to stay out of clouds for act 5 boss otherwise face tanked him too.

Q: What is the point and purpose of an action rpg if you can face tank everything?
There isn’t really any character building nor is there any meaningful combat.

One hit kills are a thing in torchlight 2 on a fresh character. It’s probably even a thing in…the other action rpg…can’t remember the name. My health drop to 1/4 once in diablo 3 and 1/2 maybe twice.


Raise the difficulty level. It goes all the way up to torment level 16 and greater rift level 150.

If I recall correctly, expert is the 3rd easiest difficulty of 20 difficulties total excluding greater rifts.


I guess you can’t pick Master or Torment difficulty at this moment?

Also in later difficulty, even with your best gear, you will get one or 2 shots by monsters.

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LOL turn it up to Torment 16 with that gear and watch your character get destroyed. You probably havnt even unlock it yet though tbh :smiley:


Expert is like training wheels for an 8 year old, come back when you are doing GR100 - 150 solo.
I love the new kids on the block, you never know what they will say. Out of the mouths of babes.


Started a second character after completing the game. Playing at torment 2 starting at level 1. This seems more in line with diablo 2 difficulty level. The expert difficulty level which is the highest I could choose for my first character is like WoW difficulty. Must be to cater to WoW players.

I have no intent of playing the game over and over with the same character. I don’t know why anyone would do that. Torment 2 is probably as high as I will go on fresh toons. If the game gets to slow I’ll do what I did with WoW and won’t bother wearing armor at master difficulty or something.

Or maybe you just dont actually understand how the progression system of this game works.
Make Character 1 - Get to Level 70
Start doing Rifts on Hard / Expert / Master/ T1 . Slowly progressing through higher and higher difficulties getting better gear
Around T4 maybe T5 mabe sooner depending on RNG and if your SOLO you will end up with a 6 piece set and jump straight to T16
GG your at MID GAME


How many “Game is too easy” posts have we all seen through the years?

Too many.

But we all know these posters are at the beginning of a long progression of knowledge to come about this game.

Anyone that says they are bored with D3, probably has not spent enough time with talented, experienced players.

D3 has alot to learn.

I learn about this game on a regular basis.

thanks Blizzard!


The original version of this game was harder.
It’s come a long way since then, and so have we;

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Play hardcore for some added challenge


Original vanilla release was difficult to the point of being frustrating. The auction house was a total joke also. I think I spent more time trying to sell and buy things than actually playing

Try Torment 6, or GR 150. Get 1 shotted by white trash monsters. On Hard Core.

The game is to easy. Takes maybe 2 hours to get fully geared and the your just running grs. I can only play the new season for a couple days then I get bored. If you can completely gear in a couple hours that is the real issue.

Go T16 right of the bat or at least T6. Won’t be that easy.

This is why difficulty bar exist. “Pro’s” can produce themselves some challenge.

All these posts from people suggesting upping the difficulty level are missing the fact that this is the OP’s very first hero and therefor they do not have the ability to do so.

When you start up a game of Diablo III, you’ll be able to select the difficulty level you’d like to play on. By default, Normal, Hard, and Expert are available. You’ll unlock Master difficulty when any of your characters completes the game, and Torment difficulty when any of your characters reaches level 60.

So, until they completed Act V they were restricted to Expert and, until they hit level 60, they had no access to Torment 1-6.


Crank it up as high as you can go and then back it down if thats too much I suggest.

Also in regards to face tanking in early character life its because those difficulties are from vanilla days where we didn’t have the crazy damage multipliers we have now that allow us to jump to torments very quickly at the start of a new season.

Yeah, this is shame that Blizzard restricted D3 difficulties so much for the new account until we got this kind of thread rather often where players are complaining that D3 is so easy when in reality, D3 endgame is pretty difficult and almost undefeatable (GR130+) for most players.

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That doesnt really do much. I have made 6 hardcore charectors myself and got them to t16 before deleting them.

People need to understand about this so called end game. This point is different for different people. Like for me end game was beating the story on t16 without dying. Doing GR over and over reminds me of that old meme about how to keep an idiot busy. Yet people think that is end game. So we need to accept that end game is different depending on who you are. Some have lifes and cant waste months doing the same thing over and over and over and some dont. So lets all agree that end game is not a set point for all.

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To easy? Do a 150 then show us how easy the game is…

I have noticed that most of the people who make this complaint are playing Campaign, which has become a Tutorial Mode now that the monsters scale with the character.
It allows a new player to slowly become familiar with the various Class skills and is not really very challenging.