Game frezes for 10 seconds in lags out

Ever since the season came out once a day i tend to lag out for 10 to 12 seconds like my game just locks up

GTX 1060 6gig
Ryzen 2600x
16g ddr4 balistix rgb ram 2400 mhz
750 wat gold psu crosair i think

Most likely following longstanding bug.

There are different workarounds.

  • Swap fmode.dll (no Sound)
  • Swap or delete msvcp140.dll and vcruntime140.dll
  • Run the game on only one CPU core

fmode .bat file

fmode powershell script

Visual Studio dlls

CPU affinity shortcut

They really need to release an official fix for this…

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this really sux bad… freezing for 10secs… while rifting or G rifting… and your character is dead…no more hardcore for me… please fix this BS…its getting annoying… moving onto the D2R anyway but it needs to be fixed…