Game Freezing in GR's

This appears to be an old problem but the game completely freezes while doing higher GR’s. Currently, I’m playing a FB wiz and I play with a zbarb. The only way to have the game actually playable is to replace my fmodex.dll file with another because of FMOD Error sound not ready in 200ms… this is not an ideal fix because every time I log out of Diablo, the game updates to fix it. It seems ridiculous that I have to break the game to play it and that it’s been an issue this long and it hasn’t been fixed yet.

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To create new bug reports won’t speed it up.

You could try to run the game with only one cpu core. You can create a shortcut for this.

Make a bat file that executes the file transfer, opens D3 and closes the window again :slight_smile: I can send you a copy paste of mine, you just have to change to your own destinations ofcourse if youd like it

That would be awesome! Thank you :slight_smile:

fmode .bat file

fmode powershell script

Visual Studio dlls

CPU affinity shortcut

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Nice collection of various fixes for the stuttering and game freeze we are all experiencing.

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Why can’t blizzard fix this issue without requiring us to have to replace these files?