Game freezes when using the town portal ( to or from town)

Anyone else have this problem? Also takes a long time the teleport to load, and for my inventory to load while in town. I’ll have 2 or 3 freezes where I’ll have to reboot every few hours. Searched this but didn’t find anything.

Might be time to clean out the install and re-download it. Its also possible its having a drive reading issue, (something wrong with the drive) or some corruption in the file database. (you can try a scan/repair of the game from the launcher)

You can try moving the game folder to a different drive and see if that makes a difference. Faster is better, SSD is recommended, but not required.

Run the scan/repair of the installation.

Try uninstalling the game, deleting the game folder, then reinstalling it with a fresh download copy. Old installations that have been updated and changed over time can degrade their performance.

Thanks, I’ll try those