Game freezes randomly for multiple seconds

sometimes it freezes and gets stuck to the point I have to alt f4

this has happened several times

Longstanding bug.

There are different workarounds.

  • Swap fmode.dll (no Sound)
  • Swap or delete msvcp140.dll and vcruntime140.dll
  • Run the game on only one CPU core

fmode .bat file

fmode powershell script

Visual Studio dlls

CPU affinity shortcut

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I can’t believe the FMOD bug is still around.

‘Why do I have to play with no sound to fix this’? Why are players trying to find solutions?

All I have seen from Blizzard is them saying it has to do with Windows. Well, it is the only game that I have played that freezes and has that error, so it must have something to do with the game.

I have played since 1988 and before anyone comments, I have left my clan and have finally had enough and will not play again until D2 ressurected. It’s a waste of time to play over 12 hours to have a RIP due to game errror.

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I don’t play with sound, what’s the fix for no sound? How do I do this? * Swap fmode.dll (no Sound)

10 year old game lagging because of a sound issue…yep that sounds about right for Blizzard.

We shouldn’t have to do these gimmicky things to play this game. They haven’t fixed the sound causing lag, they haven’t fixed the lag caused by Area Damage…like come on


Get a other fmode.dll e.g. from hearthstone and replace the file after starting the launcher. The file ist located in your Diablo III installation folder inside the x64 subfolder.

You have to replace the file everytime you restart the launcher.

You can use a script to swap the files for you. Take a look at the linked posts.


They don’t have the staff to fix such an error since all of the original programmers went elsewhere…at least you can log in…I have submitted 2 tickets wich were forced closed and treated like a 16 year old handling food at chillis. Unless you can get the masses to post about the same issue they won’t pull out their wallet. My account is 7 years invested and not a top priority in their eyes. Maybe If I was 2000 paragon forever Rhyyker it would be at the top of the list to be fixed…395002 on 3 different computer systems

appreciate the reply and the “fix” but again why are we, the gamers, having to do Blizzards work for them. This is ridiculously unprofessional of a multi-billion dollar corporation who can afford to have someone or a group of people to go in and look at these issues and fix them.

When I tried that it wouldn’t start game saying it’s missing x64 file

I downloaded hearthstone but I can’t find a fmode.dll