Game crashes PC, ioStorAC.sys error

Just come back to the game for the new season on a new PC and game is creating a blue screen on start or end!

I have a new Dell G7 (2 weeks old). Running Windows 10, with all current updates from both MS and Dell.

I have 2 problems that crash the PC.

2 seconds after launching the game (not Battlenet) the laptop crashes with the above error.
The Stop Code is never the same. Can be Kmode or Attempted to execute of noexecute memory, or a number of others.

If I do get the game to run (about 1 in 5) then a few seconds after ending the game the laptop crashes with the same error!

I’ve uninstalled the game and reinstalled, no change.
I’ve run as Admin, no change.

Can anyone suggest what’s going on and how to fix it??

Thanks. . .

Hey there,

Sorry to hear that you’re running into these issues with your new Dell laptop. :frowning: Blue screen crashes (BSODs) are generally cause by problems either with the hardware, operating system, or drivers. We do have a bit of basic troubleshooting that we can recommend in the article linked below:

Blue Screen Crashes in Blizzard Games

If those steps don’t end up helping I’d recommend to go ahead and contact Dell Support and give them the stop codes that have been showing up. Problems like this definitely shouldn’t be happening on a brand new system, so hopefully they will be able to figure out the root cause and get things repaired for you.

I’ve tried all the suggestion in the link, none of them have fixed the issue.

I will reach out to Dell support, but, if this only happens when launching or closing D3 and at no other time (!) aren’t they just going to conclude it must be a D3 based problem??