Game crashed. Now it wont launch

Report ID - 4852C41B-FC0E-4EF4-B568-5BC282B9FEDB

The application has encounterd an un expected error.

rebooted and get the same message

Run a scan and repair of D3. Use the gear cog next to the Play button to select it.

Scan and repair is subdued. Unable to do it. D4 launch is ok. Unable to launch D3 since the 20th

Game says ’ Playing Now’ but it’s not

What do you mean, subdued?

Either it runs, or it doesn’t.

There is something wrong with your installation or the launcher. You need to try to repair it, or uninstall the launcher and reinstall, or remove all of it, and reinstall.

The fact that one of the games works tells me this.

The game is running live and working fine for others, so this is on your end.

Try removing the localprefs file found under Diablo III in your Documents. In fact do this first.

same. This is on Blizzard. I’m guessing they brought it some ex EA members.

Why would you guess that? To use as a troll response?


Problems happen sometimes. If it was a widespread problem, the tech thread would be blowing up right now with this issue.

Something has changed on your end that is causing an issue. All I can do is guess and suggest things to try.