Future of D3 Seasons

Hi, I have been an avid D3 player since its launch in 2012. I was excited for the launch of D4 and immediately jumped ship, however, the game is just not going in the right direction and with the last disappointing update I have deleted the game altogether from my computer, as the development team just does not get what makes players happy. They brought in a crafting state for Uber Uniques which is great, but the sparks needed for these will be near impossible to get for ordinary players and that is it for me. Got back into Season 30 and I love it and I am enjoying playing D3 once again. My fear is though that I heard D3 was going to stop seasons giving the primary focus on D4. I am hoping that this will not happen as I honestly do not think that the D4 team can make anything happen after three disappointing seasons. I am just hoping that D3 will continue with its seasons going into the future as this is where the future for happy players will be, and not with D4.


They are not stopping seasons, they are using old ones in the future ahead of season 30.


You must have heard from a wrong source. Recycled season mechanics and rewards will continue.


That is good to hear! I heard this before D4 launched, and I cannot even remember the source, but seasons here are seeming to continue so I was just hoping that this will continue as the direction that D4 is going, I do not ever see D3 dying.

What has come to an end is further development, there will be no new content for D3. There might be some balance changes in the future but that’s the most we’ll get.

As stated, the seasons from now on rotate older themes. For this season we got the S25 theme, remains to be seen which theme returns in S31.

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I wouldn’t be making any long term predictions right now.

The future’s uncertain and the end is always near.

It’s not hard to change a static value, so if there is a dire need to do so, I’m sure they would do it.

Now, as I’ve seen how Blizzard turns a blind eye and a deaf ear towards the Diablo 2 community, which is likely going to happen with D3 as well… Getting the message across to them about any potential dire needs to get those values tweaked… That’s the hard part.

The D2:R community has been asking Blizzard to move Cain next to the stash in Act 5 since release, as that is where he is in the original game when playing on battle.net… A very simple x,y coordinate change… Nope, still hasn’t happened.

For someone with almost 8k SC NS paragon I find it hard to believe you thought Diablo III was stopping seasons.

Diablo II original is still in seasons and will continue for a very long time.

Glad to see you’re still playing Diablo III.

I’m pretty sure that’s because they outsourced the updated graphics of D2R so it isn’t just Blizzard’s code that would need to change to move Cain but also that other company (the other company’s name escapes me at the moment).

At any rate, I doubt it’s as simple as “switch this with that”. It would take co-ordination with that other company or Cain’s graphics could be messed up. I’m sure some players wouldn’t mind that too much, but many others would be bothered by it and consider it immersion breaking if Cain in Act V looked worse than any other part of the game.

This is all supposition of course, and I would hope that they would do it, but I would also hope that they would do it properly and not just pop him over haphazardly.

Umm… It’s literally a spawn/loiter position on the map. There are map editors that allow one to alter this point for any NPC in the game.

The D2:R enhanced graphics literally “overlay” on top of the original game. The original game is the “skeleton” for what is running everything underneath the enhanced D2:R graphics.

It’s Vicarious Visions by the way, who became Blizzard Albany.

Yeah, it overlays and it’s possible that moving the Cain could affect the overlay. I’m just saying it could be more complicated than “switch this with that”. I mean, if it was as simple as that, then there’d be no reason not to. So, I’m guessing there is some reason they haven’t done it.

I mean, it doesn’t make sense for something that’s “simple” to not be done. So, I’m thinking there’s a reason behind it other than “Aah, no we won’t do that.”

But that said, if it really is “we just don’t want to”, that’s pretty dumb.

I really don’t know where this incorrect information keeps coming from. As others have said, seasons are not ending… the themes are going to be repeated. Each season, expect to see the Altar of Rites and Visions of Enmity repeated along with another theme. It remains to be seen which themes will be repeated but I’d find it strange if Ethereals and Crucibles wasn’t amongst them.

Yes, the rune words added in the last season with new content haven’t even made it into the base game (my bro said that only happens when new rune words are added an since no new rune words have been added, the previous new ones aren’t in non-season/ladder).

With the seasonal themes repeating in D3, I’m not holding my breath for any balance updates or anything else. D4 is in a poor state and that’s where they’re gonna focus their attention now.

For me, I think I’ll enjoy farming primals for the remainder of this season… might push a bit using M6… and at end of season I’ll stick my maxed red soul shard gem into my NS stash and call it a day. I was hoping to spend time in NS but without the Altar and Fissures there, it’s gonna be tedious and I don’t have the desire to start fresh again.

I’d wager Ethereals, Crucibles and the extra cube slot along with the current Soul Shards are the themes they rotate from now on. The other themes simply aren’t on par with those.

Extra cube slot came with the shadow clones.

I’m actually hoping they mix this with the “select any power in any cube slot” and “free RORG” themes. The latter is so that one of the cube slots isn’t taken up by the RORG and, the former results in 4 cube slots that we can pick anything from. Would be more interesting

But I suspect they’ll rotate through the following 8 themes given they PTR tested soul shards, the most powerful theme, with the Altar and balanced around that (i.e. no other combination would be broken) so mixing of themes is probably out of the question:

  1. Soul Shards
  2. Ethereals
  3. Crucibles
  4. Unrestricted cube slots
  5. Fourth cube slot plus shadow clones
  6. Kill streak environmental effects (Eternal Conflict)
  7. Timed environmental effects (Tempest)
  8. Paragon cap adjustments
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I didn’t mention it as the clones are a rather situational benefit. Some barely even work. The cube slot was the actual big benefit.

I personally hope the Tempest theme doesn’t return. While I didn’t, many others did suffer from headaches and such the theme caused.

Also a lot of people don’t want capped paragon to return.

I was one of those people.

If they do repeat it, i won’t be playing that season for sure.

(Just a note to Kirottu: In earlier discussions about the fairness of the CC immunity node in the Altar I’ve claimed that demon hunter wasn’t affected by the wormhole affix when Vengeance was up (Vengeance gives immunity to CC effects), but I seem to be wrong. Playing GoD I occasionally get wormholed with vengeance up. The wormhole effect doesn’t seem as strong as when playing wizard, for example, in the sense that the distance the DH gets wormholed isn’t so far. It’s more like a short yank or pull. I’ve played DH a lot over the years but apparantly haven’t really noticed the wormhole effect).

Welcome back my brother. We’ve missed you. Happy to have you back home from your awful journey.