Frustrated with season so far

I have been playing this season for more than 61 hours and I am frustrated at how few good items are dropping. Only 2 primals and only a very few ancients and no good ancient set pieces. Have the mechanics changed? Am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong or are the diablo gods just trying to piss me off. Because they are doing a GREAT job of that! Cheers all!

Just RNG.

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You’re missing the OP enhancements the last two seasons provided and now cannot complete the higher(est) GR in the shortest time possible so the fixed drop rate of 10 guaranteed legendary items is slightly less likely and therefore appears to be lower (because it is.)

I get 12 or so legendaries at GR 93. What is the chance that one of those is ancient? And also what are the chances that one is primal? I was under the impression that one out of about every 400 legendaries would drop as a primal. Is that accurate? Thanks for the pointers. I did realize that between soul shards and ethereals there was a lot of power in those items in the last two seasons. Thanks and cheers.

Chances for ancient are approx 1 in 10, chances for primal are approx 1 in 400. They are however simply chances and may widely vary.


Thanks StarElven! I will just keep farming. Fun game, just frustrating sometimes. Like life!

Indeed. If you consistently run 90s which is the breakpoint for max legendaries. ie. running anything higher than 90 won’t give any more legendaries but lower than 90 gives less than the max amount. You could theoretically expect a Primal roughly every 35 runs or so, of course the chance can widely vary so it’s just an estimation. As for Ancients you can tend to expect at least 1 and possibly 2 per run.


I’ve gotten maybe 2 primals after tons of NRs and GRs up to including 100 on monk. Way low potion drop rate (saw that last season as well). Ancients aren’t dropping too often and have yet to see any worthwhile set piece for Inna drop. Seems it’s been nerfed a bit. The Primal Screams are very rare as don’t seem to get them too too often. And they are dropping in GRs only right?

The Angelic drops are happing fairly often though. Had to grind my backside off due to rerolling RNG junk (VERY bad this season) as well as run a ton of NR/GR runs for legendaries for the FS’s.

Two useful primals for a DH at Paragon 1000 is quite fine. I see some flaws in your setup for your season heroes. Like Stricken that is only useful for pushing… and also spending time levelling up two separate Strickens.

Just rng. I’ve had good and bad this season but it evens out over time. Had 4 primals drop on a rg after not seeing one for a whole day. Got about ,1200 ashes at 3000 paragon though and used loads and had 3 perfect primals and a good tals belt. Built my lof monk in like an hour rng was so good. My DH that I started with still has half non ancients lol

I actually got two of the same exact primals on the same GR drop before I had the full Altar of Rites “WARNING” node activated.

I’ve had around 15-20 primals drop before getting the node and lots since. Definitely getting lucky.

This is easily the most primals I’ve ever had but also the most paragons/pushing I’ve ever done in a season.

Bad RnG’s are what they are.
But with Altar of Rites, I must admit, this S28 allowing me to do a Monk PoJ GR130 solo is far better than the GR80’s I was barely able to eek out seasons ago.