Freezing/forcing reboot

I am getting crash freezes and forced to reboot after changing resolution to anything higher than the default 2560x1440 60hz (full screen). Computer completely locks up (can’t alt tab or ctrl alt delete etc) and will reboot itself after a few minutes.

My monitor is 165hz but with default resolution settings (stated above) I seem to be locked in at 60fps, which is not ideal. I would be fine locked in at 144. I get the freeze/crash and forced to reboot on the 2560x1440 120, 144, and 165 Hz resolution options almost immediately after changing to them.

I am running a 7900xt, and am not too familiar with the adrenaline software yet. Maybe a setting in there? I’m running on latest drivers.

32gb ddr5
1tb m.2

D3 is the only game I am getting this crash on. I can play way more demanding games on ultra settings with no issues.

I recently upgraded to a xfx 7900xt and using the newest drivers released in February my PC freezes instantly shortly after boot. What I had to do was use a tool called DDU, which removed all traced of currently installed graphics drivers and redownload older amd adrenaline drivers. I think I am using the version from Jan 2023 or Dec 2022 .

Howdy wizzz,

If the computer is rebooting by itself, that often indicates a serious problem in the computer that goes beyond the game itself. This would be beyond our scope of support but if the steps from Osolot don’t help, you can find some additional suggestions here.

Did you read what the post wrote down ? “D3 is the only game I am getting this crash on.” I have the same issue. I can run every game in my pc but D3 crashes many times so it has zero business to the computer. It’s the game. Well it’s not the game but the blizzard or activision or whatever company on purpose to buy d4 I bet.

Sir, take that tinfoil hat off.