Freeze 1-5 sec - search way to fix

Hey! Is there a new way to avoid freezes with one or two FB other than replacing the file and installing processes


am having the same issue this season with fb build,cant remember i had it before i used to have lag or fps drop ,but not this is usually happen when i immediately use mirror image solo or in group & it last for about 5-7 second it is supper annoying .

One work-around I’ve found was to go into the Task Manager, right-click Diablo III, click Go to details, right-click Diablo III64.exe, click Set affinity, and select only CPU 0 and 1.

You have to redo it every time you load the game, though.

thx but cpu and fmod.dll i know.

Some good news is that Bliz is actively collecting data on this today. Be sure jump on the PTR and try to create the freezes.

Remove all AD from paragon and gear (Firebird doesn’t benefit from it) and try to not use Wizardspike, use the 2H instead.

I have no lag issues at all with another FB wiz that way, even if they use Wizardspike. Mang Song’s Lesson is typically better for groups anyway, I only use wizardspike for solo / manual.

but more harder and harder.meta with monk (all do anything to stop lags) - freeze in the start of GR (with any weapon 1h or 2h) with no AOE and etc.