Found cosmic wings day before break ended

I know you guys don’t care but its been a 2 year journey off and on, I mainly was looking for them on the various seasons when I got bored with my wife so she could have them. League of legends went down hill and my wife refused to play with us anymore so she was hunting rainbows for 2-4 hours a day over her 2 week break if we were in the office… Similarly, in previous years, we’d have our little spurts of finding them and the excitation… Well boys, I was feeling guilty this last sunday hearing her frustration, hopped on and within 45 minutes found our 340+ rainbow, sitting there, eyes glossed over as I ran through thinking about how much I hated the evil oliver how I felt the depths of insanity by expecting different results… mowing along on my tempest rush monk at max speed, boom I saw something in the corner of my eye and it was “you engaged princess lillian, you’ve killed princess lillian” I just stood in shock as I saw the legendary wings sitting on the floor… it - is - over… A sigh of relief and a good ending to the holiday break.

If you are looking for them, don’t give up, do it in stride 1-2 rainbows a day… To be honest, my wife started cutting out soo many areas in her runs and had more success finding rainbows averaging 1 per hour (some days 2 hours)… out of the popular routes, she cut out caverns of frost, arreats core, towers of the damned, festering woods… I used to out farm her but at the end of the break, her cutting out a couple of those areas actually increased her rainbow find rate… Happy hunting


The honeymoon is over. :sob:

But also grats on the wings.


Congrats OP. Found mine after 300+ attempts. Don’t even wear them. Made my Barb look like the tooth fairy.

Congrats, It`s about the hunt. :slight_smile:

Congrats on finding.