FotH Sanctify Power Most Fun Build in Ages

The AOV FOTH build with the crucible power is the most fun build in a long time. Will be sad to see it go away. Should add that power to a shield or the Khasset belt.


IMHO, the most braindead build. You just spam the horse zzz

It’s fun to braindead sometimes. I don’t always want to keep track of 18 buffs and CoE timing with Akkhan Invoker Bombardment.


The build may be braindead but it’s fun to finally have a FAST crusader build for farming. I’ve always loved the Crusader theme but it just felt bad to farm / play one when you could farm so so so much faster on other classes.

I would absolutely love if the FotH power was kept in the game!

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Fast at T16 or Greater Rifts?


Can blast 100-110’s on my sader in 2.5 - 4.5 minutes

Maybe but even with few augments a lot squishier than LoD Magic Missile Wizard without augments. Can’t even do GR90 without dying.

Finally got around to making a valor character. REALLY FUN. I didn’t put area damage on anything so its not too laggy. 120s in 3 minutes is a very decent xp build. Crusaders are giving wizards a run for their money in the laser light show department!