Flurry and losing stacks

I’m really loving the PoJ TR build, but I have a problem regarding Flurry stacks. I really hate using TR in my Left Click slot (because sometimes it cancels, or I need to left click things, etc), but if I use anything else in left click, I lose my Flurry stacks. This is obviously a huge issue for the build.

How do you prevent losing stacks due to Blizzard’s awful design of forcing you to stop to cast your left click ability, without putting Tempest Rush on left click?

Simple answer is you don’t.

Opening doors, clicking pylons, will disrupt your flurry stacks, regardless of what button you bind your TR to. Personally, I bind my TR to the number 3, and just use my mouse to move around. Cyclone (never clicked) is on left click, and blinding flash (for PoJ) or mystic ally (for SWK) is on right click. I numlock epiphany (as well as mantra for PoJ).