Flipside Guild Community RGM Softcores/Hardcores/Casuals

Recruiting Filipino Softcore/Hardcore/Casual players and also Newbies to the Diablo franchise.

We have BIG community based discord channel boosted for all your needs.
Player base timezone from NA/SEA/Middle East
We share gameplay experiences throughout previous franchise and betas.
We came from various PC MMORPG games.
PoE/WoW/New World/BDO/Lost Ark as previous one and still on going now.

We aim to build a community of filipino player base on Diablo 4.
We are mature base community,
No discrimination of any kinds.
No politics or religion base topics.
We are here just to play and grind with you through out the game.
We also help new player on the diablo franchise.
Casual gamer? You are really one of us!
We make discord activities and also planning personal hangouts whenever you guys available or within the area.
We are bonded by years of playing games so we are opening it to all of you! Kabayan abroads are also welcome to bond!

If you are interested just DM me or drop a comment here. Thanks!