Fix this issue with meteor impact please

Why always when are more than 2 wizzard in party are MEGA LAG,especially when are infinte units on the map and all players cast comet meteor.For example today i play in party with 2 wizz and suddenly i encounter this bug error crash report:


Is very annoying to see only PICTURES when cast meteor comet in party with 2 or more wizz…Fix it please…


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One workaround you might try is to use this extra command line in the app settings for D3. Only the party leader needs to do this.

You might have a higher ping rate depending on your location, but it helps to reduce the server lag.


Your screenshot is below:

If i set this line command stack :OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=SA1,i cannot host private game,is greyed out and i have next code error: Code 317002