Fix the constant PS5 freezing

Honestly… whatever you’ve coded bypasses the normal Sony crash and report function.

which shouldn’t really be happening, no other game on PS5 has frozen without the blue screen of death kicking in… which makes me think you’ve done something to stop that occurring.

I am also having issues lately myself in PS5.
My PS5 is SUPER clean , I clean it frequently , and I game in a 67 degree room lol
And I can probably cook eggs on the back part of my system, by “air frying” them with the exhaust.
After 10 minutes.
This game really pushes the heat up.
And I’ve been getting very bad lag spikes , maybe small stutters as well “wired connection”
This is the only game that does this to my PS5.

I’m 200 hours in lol so i absolutely love the game!
Performance lately seems off since the last night patch though…more lag spikes , and also “disappearing monsters” I know certain ones do this because they are supposed to.
But all kinds of monsters have been just vanishing right in front of me and idk where they go…just gone lol
Sometimes they literally just “appear” right in front of me , smacking me with cleavers and claws before I even know what’s going on :laughing:

Please blizzard!!! Lol