Fix the bugs in hc!

Playing HC has become almost unplayable with the glitches and bugs. Constant pauses, shifting back and forth, cheat deaths not popping, etc. BLIZZARD…PLEASE make fix these (and other bugs) in HC before the next season. This game has been out for YEARS…there is ZERO excuses at this point.


Looks like everyone has different experiences when it comes to technological difficulties. Usually increase risk when we play in a group or make a lot of graphic explosions on the screen. Maybe it’s time to upgrade the laptop PC or a more reliable internet connection?

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Just speaking from personal experience, most of my disconnects, which are few, was a problem with my internet connection and not the game. And most of my HC deaths were attributed to ME! Either by pushing too hard on high GR’s or stupidity by going to answer my doorbell and leaving my character in a live game.

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My Boon of the Hoarder isn’t working!

Did you level it to level 25?

I’ve ran a 100 Grift with every class, except WD, so far this season. Still working on him. There are no bugs in HC. Your PC and internet are your bugs!