Fix corpse spiders ffs

I love when I throw a vase at an elite, it takes the vase smack hit, then the spiders that spawn run to africa to hit a white mob thats like 50 feet away, and they continue to do this and ignore the mob that I threw the vase at in the first place. I know pet pathing in diablo 3 is trash but this is ridiculous.


There should be a tier list of monsters that pets go for first. Rift guardians, bosses, elites, special , white , etc.

This has been asked for years for pets.


Absolutely agree 100%. The spiders do what they want and attack nothing you want them to attack. Some Greaters they do fine and most they do what they want.

The most frustrating thing is in high Grifts , when the rift guardian pukes out small minions, the spiders all start attacking the minions and forget about the RG.
And for some reason these small RG minions take forever to kill.

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Don’t forget to infect everything, so RGs/elits will recive dmg, even if CSs are not attacking them directly.

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