Fissure chest unreachable

After finishing the last part of a Diabolical Fissure the chest was “hidden” behind the borders of the playground, meaning unreachable.


Same problem also occurred in the Caverns of Araneae. The fissure was on the spider webs and unreachable.

Ive noticed that on some of the fissure levels, if the chest spawns too close to the edge the items might land on the side of the chest that you or your pet cannot access.

I encountered this issue previously.

Happened to me when the goblin died in a door way.

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OK, let’s try… because normally I get the error that I am not allowed to post links…

Fingers crossed and thumbs pressed, I am hitting the Reply button…

No, does not work. As usual I get an ugly simple box with the following text and an OK button.

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…“splitting” the “treated” link to post the result of the test…

OK, does not work either but that might be caused by the reference to your post, so deleting the reference and “treating” the link again, and…

Edit: Able to Reply after said action, but the picture does not show up. Does it look different for you? Can you see the picture?

Yes, I can see the image.

Here’s what I do:

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  • The link you provided: is to the ibb webpage with the image.
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In any event, you are now doing it correctly.  

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At least you can see it now. (reminds me of something the wizzard sometimes says… :slight_smile:)

If I can read the JSON halfway correct, I am not close to it. Highest granted so far is “trust_level_1”:
Compared to yours where the highest level granted is of course “trust_level_3”:

Thanks for the help!

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