First Time Charge Player


I need some help here. Quite frustrated. I tried the 6IK, 4R for the first time closely following the Icy Veins guide for FC using Raekor and Immortal Kings. I have all the required gear that the guide suggests except the amulet so that’s not really significant issue at GR 75.

Soloing at lower levels, FC is amazing and fun but at higher levels, it gets more and more frustrating, not because of the monsters but because of skill mechanics. I know I’m not suppose to clear all the monsters in an area and I really try not to, but I find that I always seem to have 2 or 3 stragglers I have to kill to finish a bounty, or a pack of blues, or even the rift guardian. It happens way more often than YouTube clips hint at. It frustrates me that I’m constantly leaving beyond monsters that are nearly dead; yet, if I attack them, I’m out of charges. In party play, my sons play DPS chars like the DHs and/or monks. I find that I am constantly running out of charges - especially in team play because there isn’t a lot of density left after their done.

What frustrates me is I don’t understand why this skill mechanic is designed the way it is. I’m not aware of any endgame primary damaging skill being artificially limited this way. What I’ve found in party play is that I either herd monsters, getting the odd attack in while the others kill everything or I attack a few times and just be okay with regularly standing around with my thumb up my a.s.s waiting for cool down on FC. I ended up abandoning the build last night as I found gear for a different (albeit weaker but way less frustrating) build.

I’m looking for suggestions. I’ll see what people say here and maybe try again tonight.


First off…Icy Veins is meh for as far as build guides go. They get you in the general direction but don’t really drill down to how a build is played.

Second…read this [GUIDE] VileCharge IK6.RK4 updated for S17

Third…read this
Thats the original guide off the old forum that has videos from Cendiesel on how to gear and play the build. Let me know if you have any questions. Great barb community here that can get you sorted out if this is the build you want to push with.


Thank you. I will definitely do that. It frustrates me to abandon him.



I’ll second what Bass said: Icy Veins is not a reliable source for Barb build guides. Avoid at all costs.

Vile Charge is, by nature, reliant on density, and it doesn’t work in groups unless you’re the only trash-killing build in the party. If, for example, you’re in a party with a Multishot DH and Bell Monk, you’re gonna be dead in the water; those builds are even better at killing density. Instead, ask one of them to go zMonk for heals and have the DH run Impale to kill elites. That will leave you to take care of the trash.


There are some situations where you can’t deal any damage, and some RGs that are very difficult, maybe impossible, to fight. Vile Charge relies on fishing when you’re really pushing it far, and only works in (off-meta) groups when you’re the sole trash burner.