Fire ally to be nerfed

Please refer to PTR 2.7.3 preview blog for incoming nerf to Inna monk’s fire ally buff on bindings of the lesser gods.


  • Bindings of the Lesser Gods: Enemies hit by your Cyclone Strike take 150%-200% more damage from your Mystic Ally for 5 seconds.

Developer’s Note: We’re happy with the gameplay of Inna’s Mantra Monks, but the Fire build is overperforming, so we removed the Fire Ally bonus from the Bindings of the Lesser Gods.

Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.3 | Preview Blog

I for one am content with that change. The water ally build is very fun for speeds and can push. I wouldn’t mind a buff to Inna’s Reach to make the two hander competitive with Shen Long’s though.


I have no idea about the strength of fire Ally after the nerf. Raxx has some thoughts about Inna monk in his video about the PTR. Water Ally should be changed so that every activation should extend the duration of the wave form ( so that you don’t get a mix a blue men and waves) and fire Allies should have the illusory boots effect so that they can move to their targets unhindered.

The nerf is x3.6 for Fire Ally and x3.2 for Water Ally (compared to pre-nerf Fire Allly). So about 7-8 GR levels.

So perhaps earth allies can be used for the 4500%?

Problem with the earth allies is their lack of ai it seems. Like you see here:

(Four days later) A new Wudi video showed up where he tests earth ally on ptr and it could look like the rune isn’t that bad anyhow.

The difference between water and fire is that the fire comes in one chunk so it’s easy to use with the fist and COE buffs combined for a single large boom. Doesn’t work like that with the water allies. can’t push anywhere as high, but farming speeds won’t change much tho

His wishes seems to have come true with the latest PTR patch.

Thanks again blizzard for the disappointment. Building a real good monk, how hard it was to finally build and get a great “BOTLG” all now to be neutered and not viable to play. One more nerfed hero for the unplayable junk characters in the Tab.

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One thing I have been trying to figure out. If Earth Ally is now the thing is the elemental damage type now Physical instead of Fire. Been farming it pre-empting that change.

Yes you are correct that it is Physical elemental.

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I think he was asking if the Fire bonus on the bracers got changed to earth(physical) and the answer for that is no. The fire bonus was removed entirely and not replaced with another element.

I think what he might be referring to is the elemental % modifier that you can roll on bracers. So, instead of the “Fire skills deal 20% more damage”, he’s asking if you’d now roll for “Physical skills deal 20% more damage”.

Yes thanks all. Yes just changing the bracers from Fire to Physical now to reflect using the Earth Ally’s instead. Decided to go hard this morning and been farming them all on season to make another set. Got to burn those 125 shards up somehow. :slight_smile:

Plus 1000

Tons of effort to build up a Great character then blotted out!

Playing Diablo for 22 years and at Season 25 Fire Ally Monk soloed a 140GR :slight_smile:

Blizzard has it rearend backwards …Instead of nerfing great characters they should build up lesser classes

Then its a Win WIn


Wait till trollers here will say “there are no nerfs”. But I. think those insects just hang out in the general threads.

This is what I have been saying for years. You spend so much time building a build then wham, all your effort goes to trash. Hence I stopped 3 years ago in terms of building, I just came back to just to kill trash now rather then playing to push.

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