Finally tried Angry Chicken build

It is fast, will be great for speed 90s, just not sure how far it can push. I do have a question:

-Do the chickens count as pets? I see people using Enforcer with the build, but then why don’t I see people using Mask of Jerum?

If they count as pets, would using gargantun with the ring be a good idea? I tried it and my guargantuns exploded and did not come back, so I don’t think that works very well, but I could not really find another good ability to use.

Angry Chick now consumes all pets as exploding chickens, so you need to recast gargantuan. I don’t think the cooldown makes it worthwhile to use, and I doubt the gargantuan multiplier applies to the chickenized version.

I 've started using Angry Chicken on my non-seasonal character, before trying it out for Season 29. I am pleasantly surprised at how viable Angry Chicken is in Neph Rifts and bounty hunting. The graphical “look” of it is not that appealing, but its sheer speed is very attractive.

I use Arachyr and Manajumas and Captain Crimson.

I don’t see it being effective for high lever Greater Rifts, but for getting rift keys and bounty mats, it seems to work well.