FF16 State of Play

Timestamp - 23:05 (holy cow!)

FF16 made D4 look like an indie game here.

Good lord are they still making these insane minute long combat moves? I remember the “Supernova” attack… what a freaking pain that was… 30s of wind up… 25 second of silly visual vomit… and 5s of actual combat. No thank you. This is a totally different genre that I thankfully have ZERO desire to play ever again.

FF16 is ARPG, not a turn based game.

Also where do you find “long combat moves” in the trailer? I must have missed it. Care to point it out?

From about 23:40 to 24:40 no damage was displayed until the entire sequence ended… one long, draw out attack (perhaps with some user input required but no feed back to know anything was happening) then, after all that a single huge number appears and presumably the fight ends. Sorry… no thanks… I get pissed waiting 10s for Mathael to die… the FF16 style of forced endless “oh, look how cool are graphics are” does NOT interest me in the least. Especially after the 2nd or 3rd version time thru. Good lord I would NEVER want to replay that… once would be too much. The ability to replay content is a huge plus for me and that kind of graphic and design excess a huge turn off.

That is the combat phase and there is user input required. :point_down:

Not even as long as SuperNova as there are so many things happening in 1 minute but OK.

Sound like it is a user issue instead of a game issue here but OK.