Few Game recommendations!

1.) [Dwarven Realms] - 100% Free to play ARPG on [STEAM] with ladder seasons in early access! You start out in an open world campaign but the end game is in your “home fort” where you run “ruptures” which is similar to rifts in Diablo 3. The character progression is a mix of “stat stones” which you can endlessly apply to your dwarven artifact which you unlock in the campaign, a skill tree, and itemization. The game has a roadmap on discord. It’s still early in development but still worth checking out, it’s addicting.

2.) [Nevergrind Online] - Buy to play multiplayer “blobber” on [STEAM] which has a combat system level WoW/Everquest but a loot system like Diablo 2. Group upwith up to 5 players to run dungeons, complete item sets, unique items, trade with other players, or even compete on the level leaderboard. While the game can be played solo, I recommend it mostly for multiplayer. It’s a good time.

3.) [Nordicandia] - Free to play ARPG on [STEAM] with a cash shop but the cash shop currency is dropped by monsters and isn’t pay2win. The graphics are an acquired taste. It is literally an ARPG with pogs as the player character/enemy. The item system and crafting system is heavily inspired by Path of Exile. It has currencies in which you use in various ways to upgrade gear. There are ladder seasons that last 3 months and a season pass both free and paid each season. In my opinion, if you grind enough, you can unlock everything you would want for free. The drop rate of “Opals” increases as you level up because monster density increases as you level up.

4.) [Idle Clans] - Free to play crossplatform “skilling” MMORPG similar to Melvor Idle but it has multiplayer aspects such as trading, group combat, raiding, clan skilling, bosses, etc… You can play it on STEAM, Android, and soon iOS.

Have a great day and see you all in Diablo IV!