Fever Clan recruting NA

Fever Clan is a large, active NA clan on PC with game nights 3 nights a week running all sorts of content. So if you are in need of a group and looking for a mature, calm group to join check us out on Discord or look up our website for Feverclan. We have a ton of people online in both SC and HC, so if you want to group up or just have people to chat with while you do your own thing, we have what you are looking for.

We have players going strong all season if your friends list is starting to look pretty bare and you are still looking to push. If you are only looking to do a few weeks of a season and then play something else, we have you covered there as well with over 1000 active members across dozens of games. Someone in Fever is playing the same game as you, or you can just hang out on discord and maybe play some cards against humanity.

Questions? Feel free to hit me up