Fate of the Fell issue

On the new PTR, the Fate of the Fell is not dropping two Rays. It only drops one. (This is when it’s in Kanai’s Cube. I am not sure if it is in hand yet.)

I wish I were just being sarcastic here, but based on the history of AoV, it sounds more like yet another, traditionally semi-annual, mindless nerf to the build.

Okay, I may have gone a bit off the trodden path here. I apologize. Or, do I? Nah, I withdraw my apology. What has been done to AoV is criminal.


Have you submitted a bug report? I doubt Blizzard will take note of the problem on this forum.

It’s working last I checked, at least in town. Tested cube and mainhand, both produced: 3 Rays. Tested fires of heaven and blessed ground. I only checked non-season PTR though.