Farming Equipment squashed

Please note that in my game I farm equipment after killing a regular Nephilim rift guardian, now they have put up pillars where the doors were, I have less bad guys per level and less Goblins, I have played 1770 levels by myself with my hireling and am usually happy until now, I’m a 30 year veteran to The Diablo series and this is the most disappointed I have ever been with Blizzard, please take down the pillars in my game so I can farm equipment again

I’ve read this 5 times and still not sure what you mean by it. Are you talking about the pillar at the end of the rift that ports you to town? If so, that means you have reached the end of the rift, there are no doors to go any further. If not, please clarify because that’s only ‘pillar’ I can think of that are in a rift. I could be wrong, but… :thinking:

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This is NOT a bug.

Quit killing Elite groups only. Kill some trash too.

The Diablo series hasn’t been out for 30 years. Even if you started playing D1 when was released in NA on January 3, 1997, it’s been 24 years.