Fanmade Season 27 PTR Patchnote

[Bezoar Stone]: Deal 20% damage vs Beast
[Death Watch Mantle] 5-10% chance to explode in a fan of knife for 5000% weapon damage when hit
[Holy Beacon] Deal 100% holy damage for 5sec after using Breath of Heaven!
[Wrath of the Bone King] Deal 75% damage against Frozen Enimies
[Skorn] You now deal 75% damage against bleeding enimes! (always rolls chance to bleed)
[See No Evil] You now deal 20% damage when no demons around you
[Heart Slaughter] Deal 10% Physical damage for 10sec damage after killing an enemy stacking up to 10 times
[Maximus] Chance to summon Demonic slave that ignite enemies so they take 20% more fire damage (works on enchantress)
[Butcher’s Carver] is now returned to butcher (Removed from the game)
[Vigilance] everyone deals 50% more damage standing in Innersanctum
[Ouroboros] Gain Elite Damage equal to your Area Damage
[Thundergod’s Vigor] Deal 20% damage for 5sec after blocking an attack
[Arthef’s Spark of Life] Heal all allies for 3% when killing an undead
[Logan’s Claw] Each Seven-Sided Strike you make against an enemy increases the damage of your next strike by 2%

Legendary gems
[Gem of Ease] now works on followers!
[Gem of Efficacious Toxin] now works on followers!

Rift Guardian will now always drop 1 legendary when you are below level 70 also on normal (to help balance RIFT vs open world when leveling 1-70)

Added bow: Born’s Bow to borns set Always rolls 170%gold find (crafted) (To balance followers and gold find cap between classes )
Added Asheara’s chest and belt (crafted)

New Asheara Set bonus
2set bonus summon templar when using Defensive
3set bonus summon Scoundreal when using Secondary
4set bonus summon Enchantress when using Primary
6set bonus All nearby Allies gain Enamate powers from your followers
Each summon last 10sec

Kill Morghum the beast and 150 mobs is reduced to 100mobs

New Season pet: Realm walker (a5 mob type)


A bit OP, half would still make it a very good choice vs squirts on half the meta builds but I love that idea especially!

These should have long been part of the follower patch, agreed 100%!

Definitely revive the zmonk!

Lol yes please! There’s quite a bit of items I’d wish they just removed, would make the loot hunt a lot more bearable.

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Thanks for the nice reply :smiley:

it would take some time to get over 100% area for [Ouroboros] to become better then squirts so the hunt for items gets longer <3

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I agree, mechanics changes are very exciting.
Lot of interesting ideas here