False Advertisment

Refund now. Boycott. Move on. Blizzard does now deserve a dime for this. This is a direct quote from them.

Classic gameplay—the same Diablo II you know and love, preserved.

It’s this the same Diablo 2 you remember?
No talking allowed?
No trading allowed?
No lobby’s.
No Baal runs
No plvl games.
No free stuff games.

You wanna know how clueless they are about their own product just look at their poor excuse of an online.

Hey I can make a pindleskin game ! Hope you log in within 10 seconds before the match is over… Clueless.

Blizzard needs to go. I hope this lawsuit destroys your entire company and Diablo 4 with it. Good riddance.

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I feel like it was a false advertisement. It is not the same experience. I ve cancelled my pre order.

I feel sorry to read of all this discontentment. For the players and for the team behind the release.

I’m not a player then or now of D2, and I can see there are workarounds, but it’s hard not to share in the disappointment when the team has probably done quite a lot of things really well.

I thought the early videos looked really impressive and was hopeful for those intending to play that it would be a good experience. Clearly there are different perceptions around priorities for the dev team. It’s healthy feedback for all of that to at least be put forward so that the team is aware (I’m sure they are aware of all of the feedback given so far by now).

I hope for those that care about the features associated with lobbies being in game that Blizzard makes some accommodation for you. Similarly that Blizzard affords the resources for the dev team to work on all the top items of interest for the players.

Good luck.


Tinto, you are making new accounts to purposefully spam the forums. You are not fooling anyone. And don’t blame your own ignorance since you will not be able to figure how to trade. There will be ways regard if you think so or not.


We all know its you Tinto. The bad grammar and spelling the giveaways. Nice try though. I guess you cannot read either. Icon linked the post to discord and we see the child like attitude you have. It is rather funny to watch you complain over something so insignificant when you can literally trade and group up.

And you spamming the forums, making new accounts further supports like childlike mentality, but please continue to deny it.


Most players already use discord for communication purposes. I fail to see what the problem is. You can post items to trade on said discord as well.

These people complaining are doing so because they have nothing better to do.


I know right. You can do a price check and can link items to it for trading as well as HR’s. I did trades on website PD2 had, but also the discord when linking GG corrupted rares/Uniq to the trade channel for Price Checking and also for trading. Most players have Discord up at all times and console players can do the same with the phone app. And as previously stated, you can link an item, post it and keep farming, without having to stop mfing and making a specific lobby for an item you want to trade. I was doing that at the start of season 3 of Project Diablo 2, so even without creating any lobby, I was able to trade successfully.


Which account should I comment on since you have 4-5 accounts and only troll against actual problems with the game? They lied plain and simple and I will do everything in my power to bankrupt this company for being sleazy rats.

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Do lobby’s have a reliance on keyboard input? Not having played D2 I’m not familiar with how they play out, but just curious if that’s been part of the barrier to their implementation in the console ports.

I only have 1 account and can trade and group up fine. Your own ignorance is your downfall, Tinto. I dont control the other users on discord, but thanks for thinking i have more than one more account. You are wrong yet again.

I have proved your statement untrue since ive already traded without the use of having an in game lobby via PD2 discord. Care to post any other unintelligent jibber.

When you’re wrong you’re wrong.


You never heard of discord Tinto or you cant read? Which is it?


Poor dude can’t use discord. :laughing:


You still think its just one person. Oooof.

Thanks for the laughs.