Exiting Angry Hex - Chicken


Just came back from running a rift, and had this happen. I know where my guy was, but I just couldn’t see him. Have never seen this before using the Angry Chicken. Got a bug!
Invisibility Cloak! :o

also, I’m not good at posting links to click on so you’d have to copy/paste to see it. Playing on PTR

Using the penic icon up by the thread title, you can move your post over to the PTR Bug Report forum. That’s the best place for this.

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You can’t until you reach Trust Level 3 (“Regular”)… so what you did is OK. Here’s a clickable version of it:

Then you should move the entire topic to the PTR Bug Report category – this category here is for the live game.

To move your topic, scroll up to the title and click on the pencil tool to the right of it. That will allow you to change the category from “Bug Report” to “PTR Bug Report”. Then click on the :ballot_box_with_check: button to approve the change and move the topic.


when in chiken mode you are not able to open doors some times it is possible but not always.

also you cant pickup when you are in chiken mode only some times its a bug that should be fixed so that we can use chiken as speed farm as it should be intended to be sorry if my spelling is not okay

in grs with chiken mode its not always possible to open a door thats really annoying you have to wait for it to leave chiken mode

but when you enter chiken mode again you can pickup and open doors seems like it is only in 2 rotation you are allowed to open doors and pick up stuff

hope blizzard will fix this bug with chiken