<Exile> The Forsaken Ones - Recruiting for S22 AUS/NZ players

Recruiting AUS/NZ players for S22.
4man grind & Meta

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Clan leader Kuller

A clan primarily for Australian / NZ players. We value friendship, fun and respect for others.

Botting clan, full of botters. Already kicked an exile botter during bounties.

They even use secondary accounts to post messages here so they you cant see they have 95% uptime on the season.

Exile - ItsNotSteve

Has a nice new fresh account, right from the last ban wave. congratz, congratz, big up to him. Good to see botters funding new account. Blizz sends best wishes.

Exile - ItsNotQuicky

Also a brand new account, right from the last ban wave, also what a coincidence right? Also has a quite impressive 375hrs on the season so far. Big ups to him, great member of the botting clan exile.

Exile - Avo

375hrs again, its impressive for a bit over 2 week season.

Basically just see any exile and check the season details tab. Its more than likely a botter.

Hi ElDiablo

I see your’re a fan of the clean, sent you a clan invite to exile.