[EU][PC] Casual clan of friends looking for more members

Hello. We are The Casual Society.

We are a small group of four friends (Edit: Now 10 people) looking to expand starting with S28 and going into Diablo 4. We are looking for people who would like to stay long term and be a part of the friend group.

We are a casual clan with a heavy focus on playing what you want and not what is meta. With that said though we are experienced players, so we try to work with what we play. Someone wants to play Frenzy Barb? Great! That means we have an Rift Guardian Killer. However if you want to play meta build that is completely fine too.
We aren’t aiming for leaderboards, but to have fun together.

I should note that some of us plays a lot, especially at the beginning of the season. However there is no requirements for how much you need to play or how high your paragon is. We would prefer if you have some experience with the game, but it is not a requirement if you’re willing to learn.


  • 18+
  • Acceptance of others
  • Active at season start

Add me to talk about joining: Teddy#22389 on EU


I just sent you a request.