Ethereals After Season 24

Followers need about 25,000x more damage to compare to players.

Sadly, no present day Ethereal will help that cause.

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I don’t think anyone argues to have followers on par with players.

I’m in for making LoN rings but only LoN rings bonuses reflect at Followers too. When you wear those rings, Asheara’s won’t work with them as well as other Sets so utility roles and damage dealing roles would be split properly. It’d be far from creating an omni build but it’d still be a nice touch and a motive to gear them properly. Just not sure how Enforcer gem would be balanced in all this.

I like the idea. They would likely take an easier route though. My idea is to make ethereals only usable in a forth cube slot. This fourth cube slot would extract the ethereal passive and/or legendary power. We would use your primal essence idea as the cost to extract it. The amount should be a lot. Also since I liked your idea ethereals could be classified as mythic ethereal or epic ethereal which would indicate whether just the passive or both passive and trait would get extracted. I also think they should be a minimum of 1-800 for a mythic and epic being even harder to get. I think there are a lot things they could add to the game and just make them really hard to find. I love hunting for the impossible stuff. We need more stuff like cosmic wings but in the form of usable items.

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I’m sorry if that has been answered elsewhere, but what will exactly happen to ethereals when the season ends - will they simply disappear, or will they be auto-salvaged?

no one knows yet

I have another crazy idea. Why not make them 1 use and vanished after the season ends?

They just disappear. This was tested on the PTR prior to S24 start.

It is recommended to salvage them yourself before the S24 end.

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Oh, I see. Thank you.

They know, because they tested the process on the PTR…

They’re just straight up removed. You don’t get the equivalent materials as if you’d salvaged them. You don’t get the gems that were inside them back. So, shortly before the PTR ends, salvage them all.

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Yes please. Although … Rat runs exist

dust! they turn into dust!

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I think the season that gave everyone a passive Ring of Royal Grandeur was more popular than this… and it was removed. Or the one that gave us an extra slot in the cube.

The popular seasons are essentially the ones that loosen up build constraints.

And those examples should be clues for Blizzard of what players enjoy and what should be kept in the game…which neatly brings us back to the subject of the future of Ethereals, be it in nerfed form.

Yes, players want to be all-powerful and walk through challenges as if they were nothing, and are.

Wow, shocking.

I like the idea of ethereals, but I rather have RoRG or the added slot in stash. But… come think of it… I’d love all 3.

I love the freedom they provide.

I agree with you, DeadlyMouse, that the challenge level could be driven up via monsters doing more damage, for example. But that is actually a different topic than the one that started this thread and should be addressed in another thread, consequently.

This thread is simply about saving items which people like - more specifically, in this case, Ethereals.

In a fun game, to be fair to both your comment and Wudijo’s suggestion alike, we should have both fun stuff and challenge in a balanced state.