Ethereal Bug still gonna be in game?

Hey, just wondering if Eth bugging armor will still be a thing in D2R? It was a really great way for me to trade up for high runes when i got those near perfect 4 os ebugs, as they weren’t very common.

PS: sorry if its the wrong category, I didn’t preorder a game that’s not gonna release for almost a year still haha.


Oh? TobySLN, Good question. Though bugged eth armours are a lifesaver for our mercs, I am all for Resurrected being host to new and unique experiences where our old strategies are challenged. I say, throw out our crutches and dependencies on end-game items and go for a maximum and new gaming experience. But, that is me and I am only one person who appears to have recently discovered that they have a Druid summoning skiller in their Necro’s inventory. :blush:

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I believe on the DEVs can answer that however my impression was that they don’t want to touch those areas?

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Since the remastered portion of the game is a graphic overlay on the true game running underneath, I would assume that e-bug armors would still be in the game. Take this with a grain of salt, because it is something they could change, HOWEVER since it’s been with the game as long as it has AND they’ve stated they’re trying to keep the game as true to the original as possible, I’m betting they’ll leave it in as an undocumented ‘end game’ feature.

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Oh? A bet? :moneybag:
Hmmm… If only we had a bet moderator which can hold the items that we use as bets.

I would bet a complete Hsaurus set along with two Angelic rings and an Angelic amulet delivered within the first two days of the new Resurrected instalment that we may see a number of base changes along with the graphical ones that we were shown.

Again, I am only speculating as I do not know. And, betting/gambling is a part of the D2 experience.

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they fixed the ebug in beta

Yeah, I know.