Essence of Anguish - Works w/o Posion Damage

Using Essence of Anguish on my UE Demon Hunter. No ability dealing poison damage. Weapon rolled Arcane damage. I still see my Cooldown going up, even though I am not dealing any poison damage. 43.95% CDR base. Goes up over 71% when I’m fighting, and I see myself moving faster. I don’t use anything else in my gear or build that would add scaling CDR like that or boost move speed that much.

What helm gem are you using? the Anguish Shard can do the same effect that you are noticing I believe…

Does your follower weapon have poison damage? That can activate it to I believe.

Essence of Anguish is name of that shard man. And, follower weapon is Fire. That was the 2nd thing I checked when I saw the CDR going up.


If it goes in a gem slot, its a gem.

haha. Yeah. Anguish in the weapon. Terror in the helm.

And your Essence of Anguish is triggered by Poison Damage, right?

(Just checking because the Legendary Soul Shards roll with random Affixes. For example, I have an Essence of Anguish that is triggered by Arcane Damage).

(My bad).

As far as I’ve seen, the base power of every shard is exactly the same, it’s all the other that roll random. The one I used rolled with the killing blow hits nearby enemies. And I double checked, the base power on all the ones I have and the one I use are all the “poison damage increases CDR, Movement and damage taken”. So, it’s giving me the buff/debuff with no poison damage going out.

You are correct. My apologies.

The static Property is pushed to the bottom, so I missed that. I was looking at the +% to Skills after upgrading the Shard.

it seems that this shard is supposed to give an additional poison damage as well…
tried using it with my monk (which does not even have poison rune in any skill) but it is still working.
I initially thought this would only work when you are using (1) Gem of Efficacious Toxin or (2) poison-runed skill (3) poison weapon damage (i.e.- Rabid Strike).

but it applies poison damage as well, like how the Gem of Efficacious Toxin works.